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As a veterinarian, I specialized in wildlife preservation and had the opportunity to study wild baboons in Kenya, Africa. Soon after my studies ended, the land was sold to a cooperative of small farmers who regarded baboons as pests. The only way to save the baboons was to relocate them to a remote area of the country. The realization that land preservation was as vital as species studies led me, with my husband, Dr. Tim Halverson, to design holistic conservation education programs. We incorporated animal studies, land use, culture, and economics and conducted these conservation programs for college students and wildlife biologists in the United States, Africa, and Asia.

But it wasn’t enough. To create a lasting conservation impact, I needed to reach youngsters, inspiring them to connect with the natural world and revel in its mysteries. The enthusiasm of students in naturalist programs I led in the U.S. and abroad encouraged me to engage even more children by relating true stories from my work, through writing and speaking engagements. Leading the Milestones Children’s Critique Circle made me realize that I have come full circle in my quest to help preserve wildlife.

For it was children’s books about nature that inspired me to love, respect, and ultimately want to protect wildlife.

Now, as a published children’s book author, invited speaker for schools, and nature guide, I offer these “Stories from the Wild—Programs for Your Child” through my company, Nature Tales and Trails, LLC. Learn more at .


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