Jessica Dimuzio, VMD


I enjoy interacting with children and adults through lectures, workshops, classroom lessons, and field trips. Combining an amicable personality, good sense of humor, and engaging presentation style, I connect with audiences of any age, educational level, or cultural background. Whether teaching a writing lesson to elementary school children, leading a nature field trip for kids and adults, delivering an invited talk for a non-profit organization, lecturing to university students, or conducting workshops for professional organizations,   I deliver stimulating programs that both educate and entertain.

I have been an invited speaker for a variety of entities from elementary schools to universities to professional societies to non-profit organizations  
Here is a partial
List of Organizations.

My programs for school children are now delivered through Nature Tales and Trails, LLC.  For additional information visit the NT&T Programs page. 

Here are some lecture and workshop topics suitable for other ages:

For Any Age:

Take a Trip on the Wild Side—An Atypical Safari (slide show)

Hmmm…Now That’s Different…Odd…Weird…Fascinating…--A Look at Cultural Differences

Producing a Picture Book - The Story Behind the Story

For Adults:

On Conservation:

The Path to Ecotourism (slide show)

Conservation Methodologies in East Africa (slide show)

The Role of Zoological Parks in Conservation

On Communication and Team Building:

Personality Differences: Conflict or Complement for Productive Team Work (lecture or workshop)

When the Paradigm Shifts—What Gear are You In? (lecture or workshop)

On Career Planning and Redirection:

It Happened to Me! (lecture or workshop)

Matching Your Strengths to Your Career (lecture or workshop)

On Personnel Management:

Using a Compass Instead of a Clock for Time Management (lecture or workshop)

How to be the Boss You Always Wanted: An Exploration of Different Leadership Style (lecture or workshop)

E-mail me to inquire about programs for your organization or event.